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Live Monitoring

Snail and group monitoring modes can enable the Vehicle or Asset to be displayed live combining the latest positions and various parameters like speed, direction etc on the very latest maps.
Extensive Reporting

Nexis comes with a host of commonly required reports included in the cost. You can even create customised reports within the software.
Account Hierarchy

NEXIS enables you to manage your fleets between n-tier hierarchies to grant control between Managers, Regions and Departments.
Driver Management

Manage driver identity using technologies like RFID or iButtons to get the complete outlook on activity and performance of your drivers.
Extensive History Reporting

Retrieve reports, movement animations etc. live from the server for a whole year or even more subject to prior agreement and individual requirement.
Mobile Access

Always keep in touch with your fleet using the mobile version of NEXIS which is available for all the major mobile platforms.